Veritas college matrics shine

Veritas is the only private high school in Springs and writes the Independent Examination Board (IEB) matric certificate.

The IEB exams were written by about 9 580 full-time and 586 part-time candidates from 185 schools across the country.

“We are absolutely thrilled that the 41 matriculants achieved 52 distinctions,” says Terry Holland, head of academics of Veritas College.

It will be the third year that Veritas College wrote advanced programme mathematics and the results were pleasing.

At least 98% of matriculants, who wrote this year’s IEB passed.

The pass rate for 2013 was 98.56% compared to the 98.2% of 2012.

All the students who passed the IEB exams within South Africa, achieved a pass that is good enough to enter tertiary study at one of the three levels. A total of 85% of these students have an option to study a degree and 12% qualified for entry to diploma study and 1.5% have the option to study at the higher certificate level.

“While not every student is university material, the strength of Veritas College is that every student is led to reach his or her potential.

“80% of our students achieved degree passes and the others all achieved diploma passes,” states Terry.

Out of the 2 103 candidates who wrote advanced programme mathematics, 81% passed.

A total of the 555 candidates who wrote advanced programme English achieved a pass of 96.2%.

Veritas College’s principal, Mary Ann Pullinger, is proud to announce five of her students received distinctions in mathematics and English.

She is proud of the fact that so many of the Grade 12s are not only academically sound but were also fully committed to sporting and cultural activities.

Advanced programme Afrikaans was offered for the first time in 2013 and all students who participated achieved a 100% pass rate.

Last year saw an increase of an additional 621 learners that wrote the exams, compared to 2012.

Anna Robertson

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